Kombucha private label

We offer 100% custom production and packaging with your recipe, brand’s name, and design. Have a fully customized kombucha product

  • Create unique kombucha brand with help of our brewers

  • Stand out with custom recipe, branding and packaging options

Kombucha white label

Let us produce kombucha using our own 20+ different recipes and your own brand and packaging, giving you a solution for launching your own kombucha line.

  • Simplify process of launching kombucha drink

  • Experience the convenience and flexibility of our recipes

Bottle & can filling

We offer a variety of sustainable bottle and can options to meet your needs and preferences, as packaging plays an important role in protecting the environment.

  • Expand your product offerings and appeal to more customers

  • Supporting sustainability through packaging choice

In-house R&D

Our R&D team is here to support you every step of the way, from initial concept development to final testing, sampling, and packaging

  • Benefit from our highly skilled R&D team to make your own kombucha recipe

  • From concept to product, we support you every step

Multiple beverages

In addition to traditional kombucha, we offer a variety of kombucha-based drinks and also other beverages

  • Expand your product offerings and appeal to more customers

  • Improve inventory management and reduce waste with different shelf lives

Flexible MOQ

Our flexible MOQs starting at 2500 bottles make it easy for small businesses and startups to try out our products and grow their business

  • Use flexible MOQs to test market demand without committing to large orders

  • Order the exact amount of product you need & improve supply chain efficiency

Ana Roš - kombucha

We have been providing services to two-star Michelin restaurant.

“Given that we make micro-based kombucha at the Franko House (the Restaurant), we were extremely afraid of the transition to the industrialization of these, as our recipes would not achieve a long enough food life. It is surprising how these guys have adapted to our needs. We have sent kombucha to the market, which has exactly the taste we imagined, but at the same time, it can be produced in large quantities with lower sugar content and therefore longer shelf life. We are very satisfied with the product and look forward to further cooperation.”

Ana Roš

Two-star Michelin chef at the Franko House

All of our services include:

We’re ready to explore your options for kombucha production and co-packing.

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